Commercial Management

  • Indebted balance control & management.  
  • Doubtful clients management.  
  • Non technical or commercial losses control.  
  • Clandestine users management.  
  • Control of irregular connections.  
  • Commercial service quality and improvement management.  
  • Power meters management.   
  • IT projects;  

o Analysis, definition and elaboration of IT developments for commercial area.  
o Tracking of IT developments.   
o Test and implementation including users training.  

  • Definition and elaboration of policies, mission and values.   
  • Analysis and definition of administration structures.    
  • Quality Standards Certification.   

o Elaboration of procedures and instructive sheets under the defined Standard.  
o Tracking of the implemented standards (audits).
o Deviations Analysis and wide correction.   

  • Management Index 

o Definition and elaboration of administration indexes  
o Continuous Improvement on existent indexes   


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