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Feasibility Studies

Technical & Economical Feasibility and Pre-feasibility assessment of utility scale Solar Projects, including according to client's necessities all or some of the following services:  
  • Determination of possible site locations.   
  • Determination of the best technologies for the site location and client's necessities. According to (*)   
  • Solar resource assessment.
  • Optimization of panel lay-out and installation.  According to (*)  
  • Determination of best net connection alternatives. 
  • Electrical Studies  for Solar Plant grid connection.
  • Annual Production Calculation. According to (*)    
  • Performance Calculation.According to (*)   
  • Determination of Plant Capital Expenditures (CAPEX).  According to (*)  
  • Determination of Plant Operative and Maintenance Expenditures (OPEX)  
  • Project Financial Modeling.   
  • Credit management support.
  • Administrative &Technical management in front of Government and Private Organisms. 
  • Project and Construction Management 
  • Commissioning  
  • Operative Management  

(*) According to Standards

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